Dominating Weak Players

One of the great skills a poker player can have is to be able to identify the weak players at a table, and then take advantage of them. Once you know what to look for and how to play them it is actually a pretty easy process.

How to Identify a Weak Player

Pre-Flop Play

Do they ever raise before the flop or do they simply call. If you find someone is constantly limping into games then it is likely they are a weak player.


If a player likes to bet, odds are they are an aggressive player, however if a player tends to check or call repeatedly – they are usually a weak player.

Live Play

When playing at a live game you can even identify weak players by the way they dress and speak. A conservative player will dress conservative and often speak quietly where as an aggressive player may dress more flamboyantly and speak aggressively.
So now that you know how to identify the weak players on a table, how do you take advantage of – and dominate them?
The best way to reap the benefits of playing a weak player is to get them heads up. For example you might make a raise that the rest of the table will fold too just so you can get that player one on one. Then you simply let his actions dictate the way in which you play.
So if the weak players decides to check on the flop then even if you have a 2/7 off-suit, you should raise, because they are such a weak player they have clearly shown they have a bad hand. If they raise however, unless you have a strong hand yourself you should think about folding.
The thing with weak players is they are the most predictable players in all of poker and if you can work a few of their patterns out then you will be able to play them like a fiddle.