Making bluffs in Texas Holdem poker

Bluffing is very important when you play poker. However, timing is extremely important when you make bluffs. If you bluff at the wrong time it might prove very costly. There are no holy poker rules that always apply, but here are some things to think about regarding bluffing:.

Try to bluff:

1, When the pot is small. Small pots are less desirable, and hopefully your opponents will not find it worth it to call your bluff.

2, When the cards on the board probably didn´t help your opponents. If there are no obvious draws on the board and there is a scare card you can represent you will have a good chance to make a successful bluff.

3, When you have a good read on the other players, and are fairly certain that theirs cards are not that strong. If you have assessed the situation correctly your opponents will probably fold to your bluff (unless they have a good read on you, of course).

4, When you´re facing only one opponent. It´s obviously easier to scare one player away than to scare many.

5, When you´ve played conservatively for a long time. If you have a tight table image your opponents are more likely to buy your bluff.

6, When you´re sitting in late position and all the other players check. A bet might cause the other players to fold, but you must remember to consider the cards on the board in these situations.

Avoid bluffing:

1, When the board looks unfavorable. If there are many possible draws on the board some other player is likely to call your bluff.

2, When you´ve been caught bluffing recently. If you have a loose table image it´s difficult to get away with bluffs.

3, When there are three or more players still in the hand. In these cases your bluff is likely to be called, or even raised or re-raised.

4, When you´re playing against bad poker players. Bad poker players don´t know when to fold and this makes them very hard to bluff against.

5, When there is a lot of money in the pot. Big pots are desirable and a lot of players will try to get their hands on the chips in these cases.

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