Table Positions

In online poker, the main positions are the “button” position and the “blinds”. The “button” position is the player who would be the dealer (In Online Poker the computer performs all of the dealing) and the blinds represent the positions of the other players relative to the position of the “dealer” or “button player”.
The “button player” is often considered the best position to be in as this player always bets last.

In regular poker there are a variety of poker positions. The worst position for a player to be in is the “early position”, which is defined as the three seats to the right of the dealer. The reason why players in the “Early positions” are considered to be in the worst position is because they bet first and do not know what decisions and moves other players will make. Hence, most players in this position just “check” and in a way pass to put themselves in a better position. They rarely ever bid significant amounts early in the round and often only bet on hands where they have excellent cards and a very high chance of winning.


The next section in poker is the “middle section”. These players are the next few players who play after those in the “early section”. They often bluff, as they know what the players in the “early section” has chosen to do and can play accordingly. They also do not regularly bet high (unless they are bluffing) on hands where any player who has betted before them has betted a significant amount as chances are, that player has a very good hand and a good chance of winning the round.

Finally, the last position section in regular poker is the “late position”. This position, as you may have already guessed, is the best position to be in other than the dealer if the dealer is playing in the game. They have seen what everyone else has done and can analyze this data to make their own decision. The fact that they have already seen what most if not all of the players have done also puts them in a good position to bluff. These players also cannot be raised.
In poker the table positions are relatively easy. If you are betting directly after the dealer, you got the short end of the stick and are not in a good position to win the round while being in the middle section gives you bit of a more advantage, and being in the late section and betting last is the best spot to be in. However, your cards and strategy are more important than your table position so do not rely solely on your table position to win a hand.

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Poker Money Management

In poker, poor money management can have a devastating financial impact. Many people often get caught up in the moment when playing poker and bet more than they can afford. As a result, they often lose hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of dollars or more through poker.

Betting significant amounts in poker games can often lead to a very poor financial outlook, debt, and a wide variety of other financial complications. So what can you do to avoid this and keep a good bankroll?

The most obvious thing you can do is to set an amount that you will bet on poker and do not exceed this limit. If you have set a reasonable confined amount to playing poker, you still have a good chance at winning significant amount of money, while eliminating the chance of putting yourself in a poor financial position playing poker (provided that you so not break your poker threshold amount).

Poker Money Management

Sticking to this monthly threshold requires detailed bookkeeping so that you know the exact amount of all the money you have lost and earned playing poker. Detailed bookkeeping also makes it easy to find how close you are to the limit you set for yourself. Never, under any circumstances, mix your personal earnings with the money you set aside for poker. When this happens, you have most likely lost control and chances are, you will continue to bet until you are lift with nothing.

Poker should not be a job but rather a hobby. You should not treat it like a job because if you do, chances are you will keep betting more and more money in an attempt to make the amount you expect to earn. If you do treat poker as a primary source of income, chances are you will bet more and thus lose more money, ending up with less money than you originally started with.

The most important thing to take into consideration when deciding how much money you should bet on poker is “bet with your head, not your heart”. Make sure that you are making smart decisions when betting and are not setting yourself up for financial problems a few years down the road. The best way to do this is to set a reasonable limit on the amount you will spend of betting and do not cross this limit, which you set for yourself.

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Playing UB Poker on the Flop

With so many cards being put into play at one time, the UB Poker flop has the biggest effect on player’s hands when compared to any other round of betting. The foundation of the hand is built on the flop and, often, the entire hand is over at this round of betting. Being able to play through the flop properly is paramount to your success as a poker player and making simple mistakes will not only glaringly show that you do not know what you are doing to other players at the table but it will cost you chips as well.

The fact that three cards are revealed on the flop, as opposed to one, means that most of the cards that will see play are already out for this one round of betting. As a result, almost everyone knows either what they are playing with or what they are hoping to draw into and the probabilities of making the hands on subsequent betting rounds. Being in a strong position on the flop is a great place to be but many players do not capitalize on the opportunity.

In most cases, being in a strong position means that you should be pushing people out of the pot with a healthy raise depending on how strong your hand is and what position you are in at the table. The only time when I advise against trying to push people out of the hand is if you have the nuts or an extremely strong hand and the flop is very weak. Otherwise, the fewer number of players that you have to contend with, the better your chances of winning the pot are. It is important, though, to not over-bet your hand because being trapped in this scenario can often cost you a lot of chips is someone has something better or calls and draws into their hand.

In a drawing situation, you need to be careful about what your odds are of drawing into your hand and how good the pot odds are. Usually, the more players that are in the pot the better your pot odds are going to be – provided they call – and so either calling in a late position or putting in a small “pot sweetener” raise in an early position will help to get things going in the right direction. You should be able to fold a drawing hand without any reservations if the odds are against you.

With a bad hand, you need to know one thing and one thing only – fold to any action whatsoever. There is no reason to put your chips at risk. Going for a stone cold bluff is a huge mistake. Regardless of whether it happens to work or not, it is the wrong thing to do 99 times out of 100 and even if it works one time, that doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

The flop is often the most active and exciting round of betting and being able to play it properly and capitalize on the mistakes of your opponents will have a tangible benefit on your skill and play at the table.

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Cash Game vs. Tournament Poker

Playing in tournaments and cash games are two completely different types of games. Strategy that you apply to playing a cash game and strategy that you apply to playing in a tournament often do not work in the other type of game. Most players start playing in cash games and then transition to tournament poker and are astonished by how different the style of play is in tournaments as opposed to cash games. Usually, these players spend countless tournaments scrubbing out trying to acclimate themselves to the variations in play. Luckily, there are a number of easy things to remember to make a transition from cash game play to tournament play.

The first difference to understand about tournaments when compared to cash games is the fact that the blinds are constantly increasing. Because the blinds are constantly rising, it is imperative that you participate in pots and grow your stack because, as time goes on, the number of big blinds in your stack will decrease until the point where, what was once a large stack is now an extremely short stack. As a result, when you are playing in a tournament, you should play more aggressively and open yourself up to a wider range of hands than you would consider playing in a standard cash game. You need to win hands in order to make any sort of performance in a tournament and you cannot sit there and fold every hand hoping for the nuts to come your way.

The next thing you need to understand about poker tourneys is that you will have to go all in at some point in a tournament. Because of the constantly increasing blinds, at some point you are going to find yourself short stacked with the need to go all in. As such, you need to make your moves when they arise and go all in and try to double up when it is advantageous to you as opposed to when it is a necessity. Needing to go all-in on a king-ten offsuit as opposed to a pair of pocket queens is a very sad situation indeed.

Another thing that is important to remember is that you are going to move tables constantly in the tournaments so you will not be able to get comfortable and learn what type of opponents you are playing against. As such, you need to focus purely on the cards because you cannot really build a profile and without a profile, it is much harder to make accurate decisions as to what your sort of play style your opponents have or what sort of decisions they may or may not make.

Being able to transition from cash game to tournament poker can be overwhelming and daunting due to the massive differences between the two formats. It is extremely important to remember that the two formats are very different and to play tournament poker much more aggressively because you cannot sit on your laurels and wait for the goods to come to you.

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Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker, established in 2004, and due to promotional activities by the likes of Gus Hansen, Chris Ferguson, Phil Ivey and countless others, is probably the most well known poker site online. And for a damn good reason too. Playing on Full Tilt Poker is truly a five star experience.

It all starts with the software. And the software is excellent – no bugs or other things messing with our playing experience, different avatars to choose from, smooth navigation, an intuitive feel, great visuals; Full Tilt has it all. Sure the graphics tend to be a bit cartoonish but most players get used to that very easily.

I’ll get right to it.. Full Tilt has a SHITLOAD of tournaments. Ranging from Sit N Go’s at a buy-in of a single to tournaments with buy-in’s you could buy a car with. Both the single- and the multi table tournaments are ran very smoothly. Oh and the best part, there’s a big chance you might meet a pro poker player at the tables. They’re mostly playing at nosebleed levels but occasionally you might see them at some of the lower tables.

With all these pro’s in the room, competition is pretty high. I’m not gonna lie. But that’s mainly so at the high levels, which provide a very tough challenge indeed. The lower levels are perfectly playable. Multitable the lower stakes and you should be able to crush some of the games. Full Tilt has a reputation as a site with just a bunch of tight players, well that’s just not entirely true. The site still attracts a lot of players entirely new to the game and you’ll find them losing money at the lower levels.

Should in any case something happen to your account, fret not, Full Tilt Poker has a great support service. E-mails are answered very fast and with a good quality of answers, too. Which is a remarkable feat, considering the high amount of traffic Full Tilt gets every day.

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Bodog Poker

Maybe you’ve never heard of them, but Bodog has been around for a while. The site has been an online gambling heaven since 1994, and started offering poker in 2004. Although the site is originally based in Canada, it has always accepted US players and will continue to do so.

The software looks pretty good, the interface is clean and easy to navigate. I’ve never had disconnection problems either.. which really says something if you’ve played poker online elsewhere. Overall design and usability are just solid. Good stuff.

Like most decent poker rooms these days, Bodog has enough tournaments to choose from. There’s something for every type of player. Multi table tournaments, freerolls, sattelites, Sit N Go’s, you name it. For those with a proper bankroll I’d recommend the 100K guaranteed which is not too tough and has a great payout structure.

Competition is known to be pretty soft here. There are absolutely worse rooms with even more newbies but Bodog is a good play for easy money.. especially at the cash tables. Put some hard work in and it will definitely pay off. It’s not one of the giant sites but with a player base of around 2000 online at any given time there are more than enough people to wipe the floor with.

Support service been very fast and responsive. Support is by both email and telephone and is handled by real trained professionals, not just unmotivated college students or outsourced to some crappy firm in a faraway low-wages country. Bodog handles this part of their business well.

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Carbon Poker

CarbonPoker is not as well known as other rooms like Full Tilt and Pokerstars, but I had to include it in this review. The site started off as so you can already guess how I came in contact with online poker. I typed in, ended up there and became instantly hooked. later changed its name to CarbonPoker but like you always remember your first love, I still remember my first poker room.

Anyway, I’m rambling. The software is one thing I always liked about CarbonPoker. It’s incredibly newbie friendly. As for graphics, it looks slick and certainly better than most poker rooms, but expect no special bells and whistles. It gets the job done and that’s enough, in my opinion. The software runs very smoothly, as a matter of fact I can say I’ve never had a single problem with it. Might just be my luck though. Things like contact details and player icons are set up in a web-based environment instead of the software. Works perfectly fine however.

The vast majority of CarbonPoker players are pretty new to online poker, which means there are a lot of tournaments with low buy-in and relatively few at a higher entrance fee. So if you’re looking to spend some serious money, CarbonPoker might not be the best place.

CarbonPoker makes up for competition what it lacks in variety of tournaments. Competition is very soft here and easy to beat. Playing styles are fast and loose. Play a normal, tight-agressive game and you should be able to take a LOT of money from the fish. However, CarbonPoker is a pretty small site. The amount of players is a lot smaller than you’d find on giant sites like Pokerstars.

Support has always been good. They are quick to reply and I’ve never had a problem with the quality of their answers. No complaints here.

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Carbon Poker Review

CarbonPoker is an interesting poker site from the Merge Gaming Network that is growing rapidly. With software packed with cool features and plenty of different poker games they have become the favorite poker room for many online poker players. US citizens are accepted to play poker for real money at Carbon Poker. is licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission and uses 128 bit encryption for secure transfers. They have also been issued a Thawte SSL certificate and trusted site seal. The software from MergeGaming is fast and easy navigated and the traffic goes up to 8,000 at peak hours compared to around 1,000 outside peak hours. This is a very fish friendly poker room, which you could take advantage of and in no time easily double your poker bankroll.

CarbonPoker offer a high variety of poker games:

Texas Holdem, Omaha (No Limit, Pot Limit and Limit)
Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, 5 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw and Razz (Pot Limit and Limit)
Triple Draw (2-7 Lowball, A-5 Lowball)
Badugi (Pot Limit and Limit).
and some cool mixed games; HORSE, HOSE, SHOE, HA, HAR, HO and RASH (Limit).

H.O.R.S.E means a mixed game where several poker games are played as one in a set of intervals.

H: Texas Hold ’em
O: Omaha Eights or better
A: Omaha Hi
R: Razz
S: Seven card Stud
E: Seven card stud Eight or better


The software have been tried and tested during different times of the week. In order to test the servers we stayed online for 2 days and surprisingly there weren’t even one disconnection.

Using the features like the tag is easy and could prove vital for your poker game. You can tag an opponent with; shark, fish, bluffer, buddy, champion, on tilt, easy or just no tag. In the same window, notes of each opponent can be added, pretty simple but smart solution in having all in one place. Further, in the tag window, one could see how well you have done in previous poker tournaments. If you have won a tournament or two, you will be rewarded with a trophy, ribbon and other special accolades, which will then be visible for others when checking your tag.

Are you interested in playing multiple tables simultaneously? No problem at With resizable tables, mini view and 2×2 you have good options to customize the game to fit your needs. The game stats provide all the necessary statistics and the hand history function allows previously played hands to be displayed.

One cool feature is the Rabbit Hunting, which means that when a player wins a pot before the river some players would like to know if they would have won the hand if they had stayed in the hand longer. Rabbit Hunt, is to ask the dealer to expose those cards that would have come if the player would have played the hand.

Further, if you haven’t tried it, with Carbon Poker you can expose one of your hole cards. Either if you are folding a big bet or if no one called your bet, this feature adds some extra juice.



Carbon Poker offers decent traffic action with an average of 5,000 online players up to peak hours with 8,000. There could be poor traffic, around 1,000 online players, outside peak hours with most of the traffic on Texas Holdem games. At an average night there is actually quite good Omaha and 7 Card Stud traffic and Merge Gaming Network continue to grow.

US players are welcome to play poker for real money at Carbonpoker. Poker players from America tend to be the majority at this poker site. Continue reading

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