Playing from Late Position

Each position at the poker table is different and being able to play from the various positions requires knowledge of what happens at these positions. You will not play the same hand from an early position as you would from a late position, in fact you might not even play the hand at all depending on your position. Being in a late position at the table is the most advantageous position that you can be in for a number of reasons.

The first reason that being in a late position at the poker table is so good is the fact that you get to see what everyone does before you have to act. This gives you a massive amount of information and having information at the poker table leads to better decisions, which leads to winning more often and making more money. It is important not to let this advantage go to waste. I cannot even explain how many poker players let the advantage of this information just slip by. Poker players have to pay attention to everything that is happening at the table before it is your turn to act. Whether you are playing online or in real life, do not think about your hands, do not even look at your cards if you are playing in real life, and focus on what every other player is doing. This will give you information on the strength of their hand.

After you see what everyone has done in front of you, it is now time to make a decision as to what you would like to do. Because you have a good deal of information like how many players have folded, whether or not it has been raised after X number of players, etc, you can make your choices as to what to do. If a good number of players have folded or if the pot has not been raised and everyone has called, you can feel comfortable calling with a mediocre hand that, in another position you likely would have folded. Additionally, if you have a slightly better hand, you can raise without having to worry too much about the strength of the hands in front of you. There is always safety in knowledge and being able to capitalize on that knowledge from the late position is invaluable.

Overall, after you have downloaded your favorite poker client, being able to play from a late position provides you with great advantages that should not be neglected. By focusing on what is happening in front of you and gleaning all of the information that you can from the actions of other players, you will be able to greatly increase what you can accomplish and the amount of money that you will make at the table. The easiest place at the table is the person who is last to act and this is often forgotten. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power,” so use the knowledge you have to your advantage.