Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker, established in 2004, and due to promotional activities by the likes of Gus Hansen, Chris Ferguson, Phil Ivey and countless others, is probably the most well known poker site online. And for a damn good reason too. Playing on Full Tilt Poker is truly a five star experience.
It all starts with the software. And the software is excellent – no bugs or other things messing with our playing experience, different avatars to choose from, smooth navigation, an intuitive feel, great visuals; Full Tilt has it all. Sure the graphics tend to be a bit cartoonish but most players get used to that very easily.
I’ll get right to it.. Full Tilt has a SHITLOAD of tournaments. Ranging from Sit N Go’s at a buy-in of a single to tournaments with buy-in’s you could buy a car with. Both the single- and the multi table tournaments are ran very smoothly. Oh and the best part, there’s a big chance you might meet a pro poker player at the tables. They’re mostly playing at nosebleed levels but occasionally you might see them at some of the lower tables.
With all these pro’s in the room, competition is pretty high. I’m not gonna lie. But that’s mainly so at the high levels, which provide a very tough challenge indeed. The lower levels are perfectly playable. Multitable the lower stakes and you should be able to crush some of the games. Full Tilt has a reputation as a site with just a bunch of tight players, well that’s just not entirely true. The site still attracts a lot of players entirely new to the game and you’ll find them losing money at the lower levels.
Should in any case something happen to your account, fret not, Full Tilt Poker has a great support service. E-mails are answered very fast and with a good quality of answers, too. Which is a remarkable feat, considering the high amount of traffic Full Tilt gets every day.