Table Positions

In online poker, the main positions are the “button” position and the “blinds”. The “button” position is the player who would be the dealer (In Online Poker the computer performs all of the dealing) and the blinds represent the positions of the other players relative to the position of the “dealer” or “button player”.
The “button player” is often considered the best position to be in as this player always bets last.
In regular poker there are a variety of poker positions. The worst position for a player to be in is the “early position”, which is defined as the three seats to the right of the dealer. The reason why players in the “Early positions” are considered to be in the worst position is because they bet first and do not know what decisions and moves other players will make. Hence, most players in this position just “check” and in a way pass to put themselves in a better position. They rarely ever bid significant amounts early in the round and often only bet on hands where they have excellent cards and a very high chance of winning.
The next section in poker is the “middle section”. These players are the next few players who play after those in the “early section”. They often bluff, as they know what the players in the “early section” has chosen to do and can play accordingly. They also do not regularly bet high (unless they are bluffing) on hands where any player who has betted before them has betted a significant amount as chances are, that player has a very good hand and a good chance of winning the round.
Finally, the last position section in regular poker is the “late position”. This position, as you may have already guessed, is the best position to be in other than the dealer if the dealer is playing in the game. They have seen what everyone else has done and can analyze this data to make their own decision. The fact that they have already seen what most if not all of the players have done also puts them in a good position to bluff. These players also cannot be raised.
In poker the table positions are relatively easy. If you are betting directly after the dealer, you got the short end of the stick and are not in a good position to win the round while being in the middle section gives you bit of a more advantage, and being in the late section and betting last is the best spot to be in. However, your cards and strategy are more important than your table position so do not rely solely on your table position to win a hand.