Playing UB Poker on the Flop

With so many cards being put into play at one time, the UB Poker flop has the biggest effect on player’s hands when compared to any other round of betting. The foundation of the hand is built on the flop and, often, the entire hand is over at this round of betting. Being able to play through the flop properly is paramount to your success as a poker player and making simple mistakes will not only glaringly show that you do not know what you are doing to other players at the table but it will cost you chips as well.
The fact that three cards are revealed on the flop, as opposed to one, means that most of the cards that will see play are already out for this one round of betting. As a result, almost everyone knows either what they are playing with or what they are hoping to draw into and the probabilities of making the hands on subsequent betting rounds. Being in a strong position on the flop is a great place to be but many players do not capitalize on the opportunity.
In most cases, being in a strong position means that you should be pushing people out of the pot with a healthy raise depending on how strong your hand is and what position you are in at the table. The only time when I advise against trying to push people out of the hand is if you have the nuts or an extremely strong hand and the flop is very weak. Otherwise, the fewer number of players that you have to contend with, the better your chances of winning the pot are. It is important, though, to not over-bet your hand because being trapped in this scenario can often cost you a lot of chips is someone has something better or calls and draws into their hand.
In a drawing situation, you need to be careful about what your odds are of drawing into your hand and how good the pot odds are. Usually, the more players that are in the pot the better your pot odds are going to be – provided they call – and so either calling in a late position or putting in a small “pot sweetener” raise in an early position will help to get things going in the right direction. You should be able to fold a drawing hand without any reservations if the odds are against you.
With a bad hand, you need to know one thing and one thing only – fold to any action whatsoever. There is no reason to put your chips at risk. Going for a stone cold bluff is a huge mistake. Regardless of whether it happens to work or not, it is the wrong thing to do 99 times out of 100 and even if it works one time, that doesn’t make it the right thing to do.
The flop is often the most active and exciting round of betting and being able to play it properly and capitalize on the mistakes of your opponents will have a tangible benefit on your skill and play at the table.