Tips for Beginner No Limit Holdem Players

No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker takes just minutes to learn the rules. However it takes a lot longer to master the game. The following are a series of tips that beginner player who is just starting out can use to instantly improve their game.

Starting Hands

The following is a list of possible starting hands and the ideal way to play them, particularly for an entry level player.

Small Pocket Pairs

Try to play small pocket pairs against as many players as possible yet see the flop as cheaply as you can. With small pocket pairs you pretty much either want to just limp in (simply call the big blind) or perhaps call a very small raise.

The idea behind this is that you are hoping to hit trips, meaning a third identical card on the flop giving you three of a kind. This becomes quite a powerful hand as nobody will suspect that the low number card on the board is of any danger. If this does happen (which it will roughly 1 in every 8 times you have a pocket pair) then you should begin to bet and raise, trying to get as many chips into the pot as you possibly can.

The logic behind playing this against many other players is that you hope somebody else has made a high pair that they are willing to lay a lot of chips on the table for. For example if an ace appears on the board and another player holds an ace than they will most likely bet big as they have the highest pair on the board, little do they know you are holding trips.

Suited Connectors

Suited connectors are simply two cards that are next to each other and of the same suit. For example 9 of Hearts & 10 of Hearts, 7 of Spades & 8 of Spades or 8 of Diamonds & 9 of Diamonds. The advantage of having these hands is that there is the possibility of making one of two monster hands – either a flush or a straight.
These hands are however quite weak in the beginning and should be be played accordingly, as cheaply as possible. Try to see the flop for a low cost and even then you may only have a draw (a hand in which you need one more to make) but the advantage is if you hit the straight or flush you can really milk it for a lot.

2 Big Face Cards

Avoid the mistake of trying to slow play two big face cards preflop. If you have a hand such as AQ then you should definitely raise. The whole point of this is to knock out the competition so you are only going to play against a few players.
AQ doesn’t stand a strong chance against 7 or 8 players but against 2 or 3 you are more than likely to win, make them pay to stay in the game.
Also remember that if you hold a hand like QJ, KJ or AT then you shouldn’t call raises pre-flop. Yes it is hard to throw away a hand like that but more often then not you will find yourself dominated by a hand like AK.